We are encouraging individuals or any groups/societies to do something with the no 1,000 during the year- so to help get your creative ideas flowing here are some suggestions:

1.  Alasdair and Olivia will be walking 1,000 miles over this year (500 miles each which equates to about 10 miles a week) and keeping a record of our milage with photos through the year.  

Do join us in this challenge and maybe we could see how many miles we could do  collectively with anyone who runs, cycles or walks?  

2.  For children (or adults) how about making something with 1,000 lego pieces or do a 1,000 piece jigsaw and take photos to upload onto our Whittlesford 1,000 Facebook page.

3. How about saying something positive (or ‘ I love you’) to a loved one 3 x a day and in one year you will have said something uplifting to a loved one over 1,000 times!

4. Join the Strava group (‘Whittlesford 1000”) to attempt  as a group to run, cycle or walk 1,000 miles in one week during 2022.

5. Rumour has it that there may be a collection of 1,000 metal buttons and coins to be put together by a group of those who have collected them from metal detecting around Whittlesford over the years. Does anyone else have a unique collection of 1,000 things?  

6. We are planning to do a special arial photo of 1,000 Whittlesford villagers on the Lawn one Saturday (date to be announced) which will then be added with other photos and items for a Whittlesford 1000 Time Capsule being put together over the year.


Or if you have any other suggestions or things we could do as a community do let us know and we hope that you will post your photos of anything to do with Whittlesford 1000, on the Facebook page.

1000 things